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One of the most common mistakes from entrepreneurs is starting a project without the right legal structures or having them too basic that do not contemplate possible future scenarios such as: Potential investment; intellectual property protection; possible leave or incorporation of partners; decision-making processes; possible sale of the business, labor protection; etc.

We know startups usually do not invest in expert advice because of limited budgets. We believe legal advice is vital for the success of a business in all its stages and can prevent future problems, for this reason we have established a partnership with Alegalis, one of the top law firms in Guatemala through whom we support start-ups with:

  • Legal advice with benefit costs: If your project shows potential, we cover a percentage of the lawyers cost and facilitate payment methods, guaranteeing that your project starts with solid bases at the lowest cost.
  • Legal workshops in various entrepreneurship programs: Contact us to know about our next workshop or if you are interested in organizing one with us.
  • Pro-Bono program for nonprofit organizations with high social impact.

Starting with a solid legal structure can determine the success of your business. You can start your knowledge by downloading our “legal guide for start-ups” here.
Let us know your particular doubts and interests, or contact us to coordinate a first meeting (non-cost) to start with general advice for your project .

Both investors and entrepreneurs need each other and we love to make the match.

We are a channel where investors can find projects to invest in and vice versa.

If you are an entrepreneur interested in investment, tell us about your project through our form and we will transmit it, according to your profile, to the right kind of investor. If you both match, we will arrange a meeting where you will be able to explain more about your project and discuss different options of collaboration.

If you are an entrepreneur apply through our apply form
If you are an investor and would like to be part of our ecosystem CONTACT US

* Any information shared with us will be confidential.

One of the most valuable and useful goods for an entrepreneur is knowledge.

We have partnerships with acceleration and incubation programs, mentors, co-working spaces and other entrepreneurship communities. According to your project needs, we can redirect and recommend you to the most suitable programs.

We are interested in benefiting you and our alliances.



*Benefits from our sponsors, donations, and/or investment fees are oriented towards social impact projects.*


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Policy data protection and confidentiality.

Privacy and confidentiality.
Any information, documentation and content of the ideas submitted to Foundation Step Two shall be confidential and restricted nature and will be treated as such by Two Step Foundation and its strategic partners. It authorizes the applicant that the information provided is used solely for the following purposes: Analysis of project to access legal advice benefited; assessment of potential investment proposal and possible placement in program acceleration / incubation. The authorization for the processing of information may be revoked at any time by the applicant by notifying Foundation Step Two. Step Two Foundation undertakes to make good use of your data and use it only for purposes related to our program.
* 1. Not all enterprises have a good business plan at the beginning. If you do not have the plan developed but your idea shows promise, are interested investor can help you define a good business plan.
* 2. A minimum viable product has only those features that allow the product to be released. Allows a computer to collect, with the least possible effort, the maximum amount of validated knowledge about their potential customers.

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Our partners recognize that they grew up hand in hand with the projects in which they believed and are interested in transcending by supporting new projects.

Fundación Paso Dos is the expression of this essence and the means by which we can replicate the model that differentiated them and will allow our partners and entrepreneurs to continue growing.



Entrepreneurs have motivation, charisma and ideas. We have the team and the contacts to support you in your next step:

To create the best structures and basics needed for a successful project.


Today , Alegalis , has transcended the traditional role and notarial law , becoming a business center for its customers, a place where synergies that drive the growth of the same becoming a strategic partner for development are generated. We go beyond conventional legal advice and we like to get involved to create new opportunities by offering unique tools and contacts. We have strategic alliances , external drives and an innovative structure that allows us to cover specialized legal services and financial services, with the idea of ​​serving our customers in the best way

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Capital Buró

Private wealth management. Investment fund that supports innovative ideas.

Impact Hub

We are a co-working center. A provider of unique spaces for offices.  And much more!  We are a community of creative, committed and compassionate individuals focused on…. building, creating, supporting, enhancing, servicing …   businesses, social innovations, movements that make this world a better place.

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Chamba Co-Working

Chamba is a workspace co located in the heart of North 4th . Chamba helps entrepreneurs develop ideas and to contribute to ITS entrepreneurship ecosystem of Guatemala.

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Heuristics is a WMU program that promotes entrepreneurship through various activities. One of them is an experiential program for 12 weeks, hands on , in which the entrepreneur lives the process of creating a start- up. The program ends with the experience on how to create and validate a business model, and how to take their ideas from concept to the real world .

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Pomona Impact

Pomona Impact makes investments in Small Growing Businesses in Central America as well as Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador. In particular, we target firms that improve the lives of people living in the bottom of the economic pyramid and/or benefit the environment. We seek to add value to our portfolio companies through strategic advisory, financial structuring, and introductions to potential partners. We celebrate opportunities to work together with entrepreneurs, organizations, and businesses on bringing meaningful impact to the region.

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Multiverse is a platform that connects all stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem creating collisions between entrepreneurs, investors and organizations promoting entrepreneurship. Creating collisions people create a world of new opportunities.

Our company is always open to new opportunities with the desire to help entrepreneurs to learn and to improve constantly striving for excellence . We support companies lose their fear and achieve their goals. We have a natural desire to give and help all people who know because it is a brand totally dedicated to their community..


Legal International Consulting is the Central American alliance of boutique law firms. LEGIC supports the projects presented by Fundación Paso Dos in their regional needs.

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week is a celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare. During one week each November, GEW inspires roughly 10 million people in 160 countries through local, national and global events and activities. More than just an awareness campaign, GEW is a platform for connection and collaboration.

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We develop and design tools for the Internet. We are passionate about creating great sites ( like this one) for our customers. One at a time.
web development Our concept goes beyond our customers can expect, we think of all those things you might need to start their adventure through the web and all those who do not even know they need as your business grows .

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Workaholic people

creative studio founded in 2009 in Guatemala City . specializing in art direction, branding and editorial design space.

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AMCHAM Guatemala

Guatemalan Chamber of Commerce – American promotes trade relations between Guatemala and the United States , through the strengthening of economic activity and free enterprise, and farther out the legitimate interests of its members , promoting social responsibility.

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