We are a non-profit organization; Connecting ventures 
with our base of strategic partners that are interested 
in giving life to good ideas through:


Pro-Bono program for nonprofit organizations with high social impact.

Legal workshops in various entrepreneurship programs: Contact us to know about our next workshop or if you are interested in organizing one with us.

Legal advice with benefit costs: If your project shows potential, we cover a percentage of the lawyers cost and facilitate payment methods, guaranteeing that your project starts with solid bases at the lowest cost.

Let us know your particular doubts and interests, or contact us to coordinate a first meeting (non-cost) to start with general advice for your project . 



Alegalis has transcended the notarial function and the traditional legal profession, transforming itself into a business center for its clients, a place where synergies are generated that promote their growth, becoming a strategic partner for their development. We go beyond conventional legal advice and we like to get involved to create new opportunities, offering unique tools and contacts.



We are a channel where investors can find projects to invest in and vice versa.  If you are an entrepreneur interested in investment, tell us about your project through our form and we will transmit it, according to your profile, to the right kind of investor. 


We have partnerships with acceleration and incubation programs, mentors, co-working spaces and other entrepreneurship communities. According to your project needs, we can redirect and recommend you to the most suitable programs.


Do you have a business and need to increase your results with digital marketing? Apply to our consulting program in digital marketing. Learn more about our portfolio.

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    Juan Antonio Mazariegos

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    Carlos Gustavo Palacios Morales

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    Marisol Bonifasi Toledo

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    María Inés Garín Spross

  • Roxana Sandoval

    Roxana Sandoval

Our partners recognize that they grew up hand in hand with the projects in which they believed and are interested in transcending by supporting new projects.  Fundación Paso Dos is the expression of this essence and the means by which we can replicate the model that differentiated them and will allow our partners and entrepreneurs to continue growing.



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